Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trump: Bibi Asked Me to Endorse Him

Billionaire Donald Trump told Shalom TV Friday that non other than Prime Minister Netanyahu called  him and asked if he would "do an ad or a statement" to support his campaign in Tuesday's Israeli parliamentary election.

"I was called by Bibi and his people, who I think tremendous, really fantastic about," Trump told Mark Golub by telephone. “I said absolutely. They sent a crew in from Israel, and they taped me doing a statement."

Asked why he was even approached to do a statement, Trump alluded to his love of Israel and his political status. "There are a lot of people who do like me, a lot of Israelis like me," said Trump. "I have been a supporter for years, and when I was asked to do this for Bibi, who I just think.. I know him.. I just think he really gets it.  He is smart, he sees whats happening and he's alerted to dangers."

"I am sure he's going to do fantastically well with or without my endorsement, but he did ask me to do it, and I agreed to do it." Trump concluded.

The video was funded and produced by JDPR, an Israeli public relations firm owned by Jonny Daniels. Daniels had claimed to the BibiFeed  that the video was his idea and had no connection with the Likud Beitenu campaign. Trump's statement appears to contradict that claim.