Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Israel Ally, Former Congressman Bob Turner Congratulates Netanyahu on Victory

Bob Turner with Prime Minister Netanyahu during his 2012 visit to Israel
[Queens, NY] – Former Congressman Bob Turner, who was a staunch ally of Israel during his time in office, issued the following statement on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory in the Israeli election: 
 “Benjamin Netanyahu is the right leader for Israel as they work to build a lasting peace, while dealing with ongoing threats, especially from Iran. While in Congress, I was a strong supporter of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu because the United States has no stronger ally in the region that shares our commitment to democracy and peace. It is good to know that Netanyahu will be leading Israel for another term, and I congratulate him on his victory.”
Note: As I wrote upon his retirement, Congressman Turner will always be remembered as the only Reepublican that has defeated President Obama in the polling booth. With the help of Mayor Koch and key Jewish leaders, enforcing the message about Obama and Israel, Congressman Bob Turner managed to do the unexpected, win a national focused congressional seat, that forced the president to shift policy on Israel.Congressman Turner will always remain the most admirable and honest politician i have ever come across and worked for, it was a honor and a privilege to serve him.