Sunday, January 6, 2013

Poll: Public Wants Housing Ministery out of Shas' Hands

42% of the Israeli public are convinced that Aryeh Deri is the De-facto leader of Shas, not buying into the spin of a trio-shared leadership,  according to a special poll  conducted by 'Panels Politics' for MAKO website. 66% of respondents do not believe statements that there's a shared leadership, 13% buy in to the statements, and 21% had no opinion.

Only 7% of respondents want to see the Shas party hold the Housing Ministry in the next government, 18% prefer it held by Labor party, 15% by the ruling Likud party or Yesh Atid headed by Yair Lapid.
According to the poll, 50% of respondents believe that Shas is doing a mistake by focusing it's campaign attacking the Prime minister and his party, compared ot only 21% who justify these attacks. However, 54% of Shas potential voters support the campaign narrative, while only 23% are opposed.