Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Netanyahu Uses Biblical 'Shiur' to Defy Peres' Criticism

Back on offense, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized President Shimon Peres on Tuesday, after the President called him to renew peace negotiations with Abbas.

"Contrary to voices I'm hearing over the last few days, urging me to rush forward, to give up, to withdraw, I think that in a political process one should act responsibly and not in a rush, with a realistic approach and not a hasty one," Netanyahu said during a bible study group at the prime minister's residence.

Netanyahu compared political changes in the region to the weekly portion, which includes the sentence: "A new king arose over Egypt." saying just as a benevolent Pharoah was replaced by one who enslaved the Jews, leaders around the region are being forced out and that could happen to Abbas as well.

“In this week’s Torah portion it is written, ‘Now there arose a new king over Egypt who knew not Joseph.’ That’s also happening today,” he said. “Everyone knows that Hamas could take over the Palestinian Authority,. It can happen after an agreement [with Israel], it could happen before an agreement, as was the case in Gaza.”

The Prime Minsiter tressed that a withdrawal from the West Bank could lead to a third Iranian base in the heart of Israel. "Peace is only achieved once security is guaranteed," Netanyahu said.