Sunday, January 6, 2013

Netanyahu Parties with Likud Youth At Tel Aviv Nightclub

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waved to young supporters from behind the DJ's station in a Tel Aviv nightclub Sunday evening, calling for the public to strengthen Likud Beitenu so he can succeed in a third term after the January 22 election.

"Over 1,000 young people [in the club] understand we need a strong Likud. Any other vote may bring in a left-wing government," the prime minister said, calling for young voters to convince their friends to vote Likud, while flanked by his sons and several MKs, Lahav Harkov reports from the party.

Before entering the club, Netanyahu joked with reporters: "It's not every day that I get to wear jeans and hang out at the Tel Aviv port." He walked in to the dark room with flashing, colorful lights as a song by Likud supporter and singer Eyal Golan played: "He who believes is not afraid."

After saying a few words to the crowd, Netanyah shook hands with some of the revelers in the front row, and smiled as Sarit Haddad's "Ata Totach," boomed through the loudspeakers.

"Vote Mahal, Mahal, Mahal," he told the crowd, referring to Likud Beytenu's letters on voting slips, amid cheers from supporters waving glow-sticks.

"Starting tomorrow, the polls will turn around," a Likud campaign spokesman said at the party.