Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Geocartography Poll: A Record High of 86% Turnout Expected on Election Day

70 percent of Israeli voters expressed their certainty of going out to vote on elections day, with an additional 16% who have indicated they are likely to vote, according to a new poll conducted by prof. Ave Degani from Geocartography Instittute. in comparison over the past two election cycles only 63-65% of registered voters actually voted.

According to the poll, after asked about their voting preferences, 21% of respondents have not yet decided for whom to vote for, which adds up to 24 seats in play, just about 3 weeks before election day.11% of those who have already decided whom to vote for have also indicated a most certain possibility of switching their support in the last minute.

When asked what are the most important issues that would determine their preference for whom to vote for, 37.8% defined Diplomatic and security matters as teh most important issue, while 32.5% defined socioeconomic issues as most important.

Following the success of the social protests in the summer of 2011, only 12.3% of voters define their vote as a protest vote, while 81.1% will vote out of support for a certain candidate of political party.