Sunday, January 13, 2013

Deri Wants Bibi First, Bibi Wants Likud first

Shas party De-facto leader, Aryeh Deri, called upon Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to begin coalition negotiations in advance of election day. “I am prepared to come to your home and decide on entering the government," Dero declared on Channel 2 news.

"The Likud voters should know that Netanyahu prefers a government with the center-left instead of his natural partners. I think that the day after the election Netanyahu will find that we are his natural partner," Deri added on 'Meet the Press'.

In which Likud officials responded: “The public needs to remember how Deri joined up with the left at the time of the Oslo agreements. Anyone who votes for Shas is liable to find it in a coalition with the left.” 

Shas updated their response Sunday morning morning in the language of its own: “Likud-Beitenu has already closed a deal with Lapid and Livni. The Likud-Beiteinu evasions of giving a clear answer to voters about the future coalition mean a Likud-Lapid government like the one established in 2003, without Shas, which brought harsh decrees and damage to tradition. We have already declared that we will recommend to the president to tap Netanyahu to form the government. Only a strong Shas in the government will force Netanyahu not to ignore the weaker strata of society," the joint Shas leadership statement read.