Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Channel 1/ Smith Poll: Likud Moving Upward, With Strong Voters Base

Likud Beitenu has managed to stop the downfall in the polls, while maintaining the 2nd strongest base of certain voters, after Meretz party, according to a poll conducted for Channel 1's 'Politika' program by Rafi Smith. 

The Likud Beitenu is moving upward with 33 projected seats, with 70% of likely voters who have expressed their preference for the Likud Beitenu are most certain about their vote. Pollster Rafi Smith noted that the results reflect last night's polling. However, according to results of tonight's polling which will most probably be published toward the end of the week, the Likud Beitenu has moved up to 34-35 seats). 

Labor is at a steady 18 seats, hence, only 50% of Labor voters are most certain about their vote, while the rest might change their mind until election day.

The Bayit Yehudi is at 14 seats. At least my wish and promise to Jeremy Gimpel #14 on the Jewish Home's Knesset list that he remains at the peak of the election outcome, is currently standing.

Lapid would receive 10, and Livni 9 seats, if elections were held today, yet only 40% of Hatnu'a voters and 50% of Yesh Atid voters are most certain with their vote.

Overall, 66% are most certain about their voting preference, while 34% remain open to change their mind towards election day.