Monday, January 7, 2013

Obama Featured in Ad with 80’s Style Radio Listening to Israel Radio Election Coverage

Guess who is really interested in the Israeli election outcome, but cant afford an iPod with earphones? Yep, The resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, President Obama. 

President Obama is featured listening to Israel national radio on an ’80s-style Boom box. That’s the concept behind a new Israeli ad for a government-owned radio station, promoting its coverage of the upcoming elections, The Forward found

The ad pictures the U.S. president on the lawn of the White House with a radio glued to his ear.

"But it’s not just any radio,"Josh Nathan-Kazis writes, "the president is depicted carrying a large boom box of the sort associated with the inner city youth culture of the crack era."
Apparently, the eye-catching goal of the ad is to convince Israelis that everybody — even Barack Obama — tunes in to catch the station’s coverage. The ad’s text reads, “When it’s really important for you to know what’s happening in the elections.”

It also shows the First Family’s dog, Bo, clamoring for the president’s attention on the White House lawn.
One way of looking at that decision is that they are three foreign leaders with important stakes in the Israeli election, coming up on January 22.
Instead of understanding the humor, reaching out to Americans who are closely watching the race for the Knesset, pledging them to drop the internet and listen in to Kol Yisrael, The Forward takes it as an insult to the President, reminding his hostile attitude and rocky relationship with Netanyahu, catching on his race as the first Black President. 

Just wait for the controversy over this ad.