Saturday, January 12, 2013

Likud Beitenu: Who is really hiding behind Bennett’s smiles?

“Who is really hiding behind Bennett’s smiles?

“Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan number four on the Jewish Home’s list called for the removal of the committee on the status of women. 

“Orit Struck, number ten, who called to levy a legal ‘price tag’ from IDF commanders and the police. 

“Moti Yogev, number nine, that led the separation of boys and girls in Bnei Akiva. 

“Harav Dov Lior, the spiritual leader, who said Baruch Goldstein is holy like the holy ones (victims) of the Holocaust. 

 “Harav Zalman Melamed who called on soldiers to refuse an order. 

 “This is the real Jewish Home (party). Before you vote, check whom you are voting for.” 

Translation h/t Daniel Tauber from Likud Anglos