Thursday, January 10, 2013

Globes Poll: Netanyahu rebounds; Likud Beitenu Voters Coming Home

The positive campaign theme highlighting Likud's achievements seemed to have brought Likud voters back home, according to the latest poll by Rafi Smith for "Globes". Likud is on the rebound, with 34 projected seats, while Naftali Bennett's rise has been halted with 14 seats, losing two seats to Likud within one week.

Poll results
The results show the projected number of seats for each party according to the current survey, followed by the number of seats in the previous survey on January 3, and, in parentheses, the number of seats in the current Knesset.
Likud-Beytenu 34, 32 (42)
Labor 18, 17 (13)
Habayit Hayehudi 14, 16 (7)
Shas 10, 10 (11)
Yesh Atid 10, 10 (-)
Hatenuah 8, 10 (-)
United Torah Judaism 6, 5 (5)
Meretz 4, 4 (3)
Hadash 4, 4 (4)
National Democratic Assembly 4, 4 (4)
Ra'am-Ta'al 3, 3 (3)
Am Shalem 3, 2 (-)
Kadima 2, 2 (28).

In the in-depth surveys and focus groups that Hatenu'a conducts, Globes writes, again and again it emerges that Livni is perceived as someone who has failed and disappointed.

Kadima could be the surprise of this election, Lilach Weissman analyzing the poll data suggests. It is running a campaign of an underdog. They're hurting us. Kicking us around. That's how it is. A thrashed puppy is allowed to say what a puppy with its tail in the air can't. At present, it’s the best campaign seen in these election broadcasts. In the Likud party they admit that Kadima's broadcasts are winners, and they have no problem with that. They would prefer to see a strong Kadima, at Livni's expense.