Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bennet's Former Boss, Yesha Council Chair Endorses Netanyahu/ Likud Beitenu

Yesha Council Chairman Danny Dayan has endorsed Prime Minister Netnayahu Tuesday, and has vowed to campaign for and the Likud-Beitenu ticket, Ma’ariv has reported.

According to Ma’ariv, earlier today, Dayan sent a text message to the chairmen of the regional councils of Judea and Samaria to notify that he will publicly endorse Netanyahu and that he plans step down from his position as Yesha Council Chairman as to remove any conflict of interest.

In interview with Ma’ariv, Dayan explained that he feared that the left would unite and that with the help of President Shimon Peres who is tasked with choosing a party chairman to form a coalition, it would be the Left and not Netanyahu which would form a government.

Despite, the settlement freeze he said settlement construction is booming and despite the Bar Ilan speech, in which Netanyahu endorsed a demilitarized Palestinian state, he said a Palestinian state was not on the horizon.

“After everything,” Dayan said, “this was an excellent government for the settlements.”