Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Something is Missing in Shas, Where is the Magic Deri?

Since his return to Shas a few weeks ago, Arieh Deri's magical power of energy seemed to evaporate. In most of the public polls over the last couple of weeks, Shas doesn't move an iota beyond the same 11 seats it holds in this Knesset. Has the Deri magic lost its power? in Haaretz dares to ask.

                                        once upon a time: Shas and Aryeh Deri in the good ol' days - 1999

"Behind the scenes there is growing concern at the lack of movement in the polls," Pfeffer writes. "Deri even cancelled a visit to the United States this week where he was scheduled to appear at the Saban Center conference in Washington. Some believe that he is staying in Jerusalem not only to make sure that he and his loyalists get good spots on Shas' Knesset list, but also because he seems to feel that his presence here is necessary to reenergize the flagging campaign."

Pfeffer spoke to one of Deri's loyalists in the past, who said he wont be helping the campaign or volunteers as a foot soldier this time around. "I'll go in [campaigning] for the last couple of weeks I suppose,"  Yakov, a veteran Shasnik, said. "Aryeh called and I have to keep my contacts there. But to be honest, it just isn't the same anymore."