Monday, November 26, 2012

FLIP FLOP? Lapid - Thursday: Livni is Not an Option; Sunday: Offers Number Two

Falling in the latest round of polls, Yesh Atid (Future) party chair, Yair Lapid, announced on his Facebook page Sunday that he has asked Tzipi Livni to be in the number two spot in his party's Knesset list. Livni is expected to announce this week that she is running in an independent party. 

"In the past few days I have had quite a few conversations with Tzipi Livni," Lapid wrote. "She received an offer to be Number Two on the Yesh Atid list and to be a full partner in all of the important decisions. Splitting the centrist bloc is not good for Israel and I am calling on her to come, join hands and strength, and change the country together."

Eyebrows were raised, since Lapid told Nissim Mishall only a few days ago that he'll not be seeking to include used politicians on his Knesset List. Amit Segal from Channel 2 brought this up during a live broadcast. 

A Channel 2 poll conducted by Ma'agar Mohot for the Nissim Mishal’s television show on Thursday night found that Livni’s new party would win nine seats, and Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid Party would win only four seats. Is that the ultimate reason to the swift change?