Thursday, November 29, 2012

Globes/Smith Poll: No Alternative Has Arisen to Challenge Netanyahu

Livni has reached the ceiling in terms of seats she would get if she continues to run independently, according to a new poll conducted by the Rafi Smith research institute for "Globes" and "The Jerusalem Post". 

The Globes poll shows Netanyahu in a relatively comfortable position with 37 projected seats, while Livni, who claims to be the only alternative to Netanyahu would receive just 6 seats. With such a cold reception and a rocky start, Olmert working hard against her by helping Kadima, and the knives that are sharpening within the left-center bloc, Livni doesn't have much ground to fall or pick up, which could force her to reconsider the idea of joining up with Shelly Yachimovich or Yair Lapid, or lose steam.

Poll results
The results show the projected number of seats for each party in the first column according to the current survey, followed by the number of seats in the previous survey at the end of October, and, in parentheses, the number of seats in the current Knesset. 

Likud-Beytenu 37, 37 (42)
Labor 20, 22 (13)
Shas 11, 12 (11)
Habayit Hayehudi 11, 9 (7)
Yesh Atid 10, 13 (-)
Hatenuah 6, - (-)
United Torah Judaism 6, 6 (5)
Meretz 5, 5 (3)
Am Shalem 3, - (-)
Hadash 4, 4 (4)
National Democratic Assembly 4, 4 (4)
Ra'am-Ta'al 3, 3 (3)
Kadima, currently the largest party in the Knesset, fails to pass the threshhold number of votes to win any seats in the current poll.