Friday, November 30, 2012

Channel 1 poll: Religious Parties Voters are 100% Certain of Their Choice

A more detailed poll conducted by Midgam for Channel 1's weekend broadcast found Likud Beitenu with 36 projected seats, Labor with 20 seats, Shas - 11, Jewish Home - 10, Tzipi Livni's newly formed party would get only 9 seats and Lapid's Yesh Atid 8 seats. Overall the right-wing/religious bloc is projected to get a majority of 66 Knesset seats. 

When respondents were asked if they are certain to vote for their current choice, among the religious parties voters, 100 percent were certain of their vote and would not change their mind, while among Jewish Home voters only 71 percent were certain about their vote, compared to 29 percent who might change their vote.

The remaining parties are pretty solid with their base. 66 percent of Likud voters are most certain about their vote, 21 percent could still change their minds between now and Election Day; 62.6/30 among Labor voters and 57.6/37.4 percent among Livni voters. Lapid's Yesh Atid party is the only party that has a very fragile base of voters - only 30 percent said they are most certain about their choice, compared to 54 percent who could still change their mind.

According to the Midgam poll, Livni's 9 projected seats are made up of voters from the center-left: 26 percent from Labor, 17 percent from Lapid, 14 percent from Kadima and 6 percent from Ehud Barak's short lived Independence party.