Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How Reuters Sees the Likud Primaries Outcome: Iran Strike Opposers Sidelined

It wasn't political or ideological, it was all about Iran, Reuters claims about last night's Likud primaries vote. Netanyahu free of Barak, Meridor and Begin will rush to strike Iran tomorrow morning, according to Reuters.
"Dan Meridor and Benny Begin, two of eight cabinet ministers who form Netanyahu's inner council, were trounced in an internal election by more hawkish members of the ruling Likud party on Monday, raising doubts over their return to the next government.

Both men have opposed attacking Iran's nuclear facilities unilaterally during secret deliberations by the inner council, according to an Israeli official, and their likely ouster could point to a strategic shift closer to confrontation. 

"They have been the most vocal against the military option, along with (Moshe) Yaalon and (Eli) Yishai," the official told Reuters... The loss of Meridor and Begin would be partly off-set by the planned retirement of fellow forum member Defense Minister Ehud Barak, announced separately on Monday. The centrist Barak has, with Netanyahu, most publicly advocated striking Iran should international sanctions fail to curb its uranium enrichment..."