Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shelly Yechimovich's "Target List" ahead of the Labor party Primaries on Thursday

Labor will hold tomorrow (Thursday) the primaries to select the candidates who will be running on the Labor slot for the 19th Knesset election.

Just like the "deals" and "target lists" known that accompanied the Likud primaries, in Labor there's  likely to occur some quite interesting internal struggles, centering  an attempt by Labor's chairwomen, Shelly Yacimovich who wants to place her associates in high places on the list. 

Yechimovich's recommendation list  includes candidates who Yechimovich is try to promote hard, like Ofer Kornfeld, who was her Chief of Staff of Yechimovich, Michal Biran, her assistant, Isaac Herzog and Avishay Braverman, Raviv Druker reported on Channel 10 nightly broadcast. Conversely, Yechimovich's Black list (target list in Hebrew) include Amir Peretz and Eitan Cabel, Ghaleb Majadele and Daniel Ben Simon, who are seen as a nopposition to her leadership. 

Among the candidates in the target list, who Yechmovich is hoping will not get elected are: Noam Shalit (father of released solider Goilad Shalit), Merav Michaeli and Yariv Oppenheimer, who would damage the brand and left-centrist image of the Labor Party.

Yecimovich's campaign completely denied the existence of these lists.