Thursday, November 29, 2012

Smith Poll Data Shows Eli Yishai More Popular than Aryeh Deri

Interior Minister Eli Yishaihas become more popular than Aryeh Deri since unity was restored in Shas, according to some interesting poll data obtained by 'Kikar Shabbat' from Prof. Rafi Smith's crosstabs, who conducted the poll for Globes and the Jerusalem Post.

Survey respondents were asked: "If the elections were held today, were Shas headed by Eli Yishai, and all other parties unchanged, which party would you vote for ?"
According to the survey data. If Eli Yishai would remain chairman of Shas, 8.7 percent of Israelis would vote for the party, compared to 8.5 percent  when led by Deri. Among Shas voters: 88 percent would vote for the party headed by Yishai, compared with 87 percent if headed by Aryeh Deri.

The survey also shows, that while Shas would receive the same amount of seats, Shas headed by Yishai takes away two percent from Likud, while Shas headed by Deri takes the same amount of  votes away from United Torah Judaism.