Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Deterrence Restored? IDF Commander 'Surprised' by Quick Halt to Rocket Fire

INN -- The head of the IDF’s Southern Command said on Tuesday that he was “surprised” at how quickly the rocket fire from Gaza stopped when a ceasefire came into effect last week. Maj. Gen. Tal Russo said he believes the quiet in Gaza is first and foremost because of the severe blow dealt to Hamas during Operation Pillar of Defense.

“Right now, the change is extreme," said Russo. “The deterrence is very strong and even with the cries of joy in Gaza, we understand and they also understand that Hamas was hit very hard."

"Based on past experience and the ability of the organizations to stop the rocket fire it is surprising that for the past six days there has been no rocket fire,” Russo added. He also said that Israel will follow through on the arrangements it agreed to, through Egyptian mediation. "The question is only what the other side will do,” he noted.

"We have seen six days of quiet and the forces have moved from dealing with terrorism to dealing with disturbances and that’s the situation today,” said Russo