Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Netanyahu: My Principles have broad US and Israel public support

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday during a special Knesset hearing on "The Netanyahu government's failure in the political, economic, and social fields", responded to the Opposition party Kadima's accusations that Netanyahu is isolating Israel, and that the relations with President Barack Obama are currently at an all-time low.
"Peace will only be accomplished via negotiation, and not by unilateral moves."

"My principles [for peace with #Palestinians] have broad support, both in country and in Knesset, have broad support in US Congress, and amongst the American people".

"The region is stormy. The ground is shifting. This is the time to unite around common points, so i am asking the Opposition a simple question: Is there some part of these principles that is unacceptable to you?"
Netanyahu outlined his 6 principles as he did at the joint meeting of Congress on May 24, saying his principles are not preconditions, but a framework for negotiations:

1. Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish nation's state.
2. Peace Agreement will end conflict, and end the Palestinian demands.
3. Palestinian refugee problem must be resolved outside of Israel.
4. Palestine will be demilitarized, with long-term Israeli Military presence in the Jordan Valley.
5. Large Settlement blocs will remain inside Israel.
6. Jerusalem will remain Israel's sovereign, united capital.

"Do you agree or do you disagree? The Israeli public is looking forward to hear your answers"