Friday, June 17, 2011

Labor MK: US Administration officials speak about Netanyahu with genuine hostility

(Ynet).Senior Democratic Party officials closely associated with US President Barack Obama slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his conduct during his recent trip to Washington, Labor Party Knesset Member Isaac Herzog said Thursday.

Herzog, who is currently in the US, says that officials he spoke with told him that the PM left "scorched earth" behind him.
"The prime minister's statement following the Obama speech distorted reality and ignored the president's words, Netanyahu's lecture at the White House was good in political terms, yet the style insulted the president and his people."
Herzog, who met with Administration officials, politicians, State Department and Pentagon figures, and the heads of Washington research institutes, told Ynet: 
"I'm discovering here a very disturbing picture in respect to Israel-US ties. The situation at this time is such that Administration officials don't want to hear of Netanyahu and speak about him with genuine hostility."