Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rabbi Teitelbaum: Netanyahu is impudent and provocative

You gotta be pro, to be anti...

In a Dinner speech to his Followers the Grand Rabbi of Satmar - (anti Zionists) Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum spoke against Netanyahu's latest spat with Obama in US visit, but in a reverse way the left and the opposition think, giving more speculations to the true impact Obama's policies have:
"The Prime Minister of the agnostics (referring to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu) declared his opposition to the US President, giving the impression that he speaks in the name of the Jewish people, that created a bad street impression. everybody thinks that all the Jews are impudence like him".

The President of the US has a lot of power, and any Judicious leader would of acted with more respect, who knows what could be the outcome of such behavior".

"We have no connection with Zionism, and the Zionist State, and the Prime Minister does not speak on behalf of the overall Jewish people, we have to go out and demonstrate against the Provocation against other nations, and show that the Jewish nation respect Presidents and do not act with impudence".

Der Blatt, the Satmar hasidic newspaper published in Brooklyn, NY, blacked out the face of Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in an iconic photograph of Netanyahu's recent meeting with US President Barack Obama.
In a email exchange , one of the sources confirmed that the photo was indeed blacked out by Der Blatt, claiming the reason is: "Because he is a dirty guy!! & its from the rules of our newspaper paper not to put in pictures of dirty people!".