Monday, June 20, 2011

Abbas: 'If US has another option, we won't go to UN'

Witnessing his dream of a Diplomatic Tsunami and International pressure on Israel following a Dramatic UN declaration of State, being put to rest, with the growing opposition of leading European Countries, headed by the US-Obama administration, Abbas is once again running away from a decision, waiting for the US to do the Job they did so lousy over the past 2 years, pressuring Israel to give in to pre condition demands in exchange for renewing the peace process.

(Ynet).Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday he would forgo a September declaration of state at the UN if the United States could provide a better suggestion.

"I don't know if the US has another option, but if it does, we will not go to the UN," Abbas told Lebanese television station LBC.
"Going to the UN is not a unilateral move, as Israel claims, President Obama says he wants to see an independent Palestinian state by September. The Quartet has said the same. Fayyad's government has guaranteed its authorities will be prepared for a state, and they are one-hundred percent ready. These three reasons caused us to speak of September. That, in addition to the absence of negotiations".
He added that the two "problematic" issues stalemating negotiations were "borders and security". The rest, he says, can be solved.
"We have so far not discussed the core issues with Netanyahu. I only spoke with Netanyahu for altogether 15 hours and met with him three times over two years. We spoke only of security issues. Netanyahu spoke of Israeli presence along the Jordan River because he fears for Israel's safety in the shadow of the Iranian threat".
When asked whether he believes a third intifada will break out after the UN General Assembly in September, if the Palestinian move fails, he replied, "The armed resistance is killing us."