Sunday, June 12, 2011

Israel: No Obama ultimatum; Fatah-Hamas breakup could restart peace talks

(Jpost).Senior official in Netanyahu's gov't says ongoing problems between Fatah and Hamas could lead to breakthrough in diplomatic process; denies reports of US ultimatum on Israel to respond to Obama's outline for peace talks.

A senior official in Prime Minister Netanyahu's government on Sunday addressed ongoing problems between Fatah and Hamas in finalizing an agreement for a Palestinian unity government, saying, "if the reconciliation does not succeed it could lead to restarting talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority." The official made the comments to reporters traveling with the prime minister to Italy.

The official denied reports of a US ultimatum by which Netanyahu must respond next month to US President Barack Obama's outline for negotiations in his Middle East speech.

"There's no timetable with the Americans. We did not receive any ultimatum or hint of one. There is no conflict with the US".