Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Netanyahu: Jerusalem was liberated in 1967, and will never be Divided again

Israel won't return to a situation where Jerusalem is divided, Prime Minister Netanyahu said Wednesday at the official government ceremony honoring those who fell in the battle of Ammunition Hill in 1967.
At the ceremony, taking place on Jerusalem Day, Netanyahu recalled the days prior to the 1967 Six Day War:
"When we had to look at the old city from a vantage point. We won't go back [to those days]".

"On the day that Jerusalem was liberated, Jerusalem began to breath. It began to sprout wings, to be built and to be developed."

"Jews returned to the Kotel,New neighborhoods and factories were built."

"Millions of tourists come to the holy city. I'm happy to see that their numbers grow each year."

"The day that Jerusalem was united was a day of renewal for the city".