Saturday, June 25, 2011

Robert Wexler lashes out on Netanyahu: "You can not behave like that in your host's living room.

Ben Caspit, Reporter and political commentator for Marriv newspaper writes in Maariv this friday (translated from NRG in Hebrew):

An American political man, a familiar name, a Democrat that served a few terms in Congress (Robert Wexler, that participated this week the president's conference in Jerusalem), and is considered to be a personal friend and very close to President Barack Obama, He is also involved in preparing the strategy for the Obama campaign in 2012. This week, on condition that his identity would not be revealed, he spoke in a private conversation on the relationship between Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu, following the journey and the last heroic victory of Netanyahu in Washington.

From the Status of the things he says, is it actually almost as if Obama himself said it: "Prime Minister Netanyahu was looting the President. He came to Washington to enter a confrontation with Obama, and did it in a humiliating and degrading way. It began on the plane, when Netanyahu took the uproar on President Obama's speech. The problem was that he had twisted the words of the President, and distorting them on purpose.

"It was just a false impression, becuase Bibi knows very well what Obama meant when he spoke about 67 lines border with adjustments. Netanyahu knows the territorial exchange intent excellent, But he did not mind a deliberate confrontation with the president, Then the meeting between them on Friday, when Netanyahu gave The "Lecture" to Obama's face and the microphones in the Oval Office, was already the peak.

"You not only guest at the White House, Mr. Netanyahu, you are the leader of a close ally of America. You can not behave like that in your host's living room. It was not just an insult, it was a display of disrespect, bad manners, not only against the President himself as a person, but also to the entire presidential institution. I do not remember such behavior in the history of relations between the countries."

"Netanyahu left behind him in Washington scorched earth. Currently, the president and his people speak about him in disgust. At this stage, this does not hurt the overall framework of relations between the two countries and the American commitment to Israel's security. Ironically, Obama went right after his traumatic meeting with Bibi to Europe, where he immediately approached the task of persuading the Europeans to cooperate with the course of September of the Palestinians.

"Then he managed to sabotage and bury the French initiative to convene a peace conference, Obama proves he transcends his feelings against Bibi, and continues to fulfill his obligations as president of the most important ally of Israel. He separates the sense of responsibility. Despite the patronizing behavior and Netanyahu's audacious for him. Bibi thinks he won, he does not realize he had lost, lost a close relationships, which is a kind of ingratitude. True, the relationship between Israel and the United States rises above these occasions, but the damage is heavy. Between the two sides there are currently no stock of goodwill for emergencies, the credit is over. There is no trust between Israeli Prime Minister President of the United States, The State Department and the Pentagon feel that way too, The Goodwill facilities were just sold out ".