Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bibi King of Israel - Netanyahu gets enthusiastic Welcome

Following the successful US Trip and the warm welcome in the US Congress, Hundreds of Jewish students in Jerusalem sang praises to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his trip to the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva on Jerusalem Day celebration.

As he entered the Beit Medrash, over a thousand students sang the words with which Moses blessed the tribe of Binyamin: “And to Binyamin he said: Beloved by God, he will dwell in security.”

Earlier the Day when Netanyahu was on tour in the city of Lod, The Prime Minister got an even more enthusiastic welcome from students at the Maoz religious pre-military academy, as well as with graduates of the Ma’agalim program, who study at pre-military academies around the country.

The students excitedly told Netanyahu that when he addressed Congress, they prayed and studied so that he would succeed in standing against the challenges and pressures being applied on him by the nations of the world.