Thursday, June 23, 2011

Netanyahu: Accept the Jewish State, let's make peace once and for all

Netanyahu told Israel's third annual Presidential Conference, that the two sides would not be able to resolve their conflict until the Palestinians accept the existence of a Jewish state as the homeland of the Jewish people.

"President Abbas must do what i did 2 years ago, face the Palestinians and say: I will accept the Jewish State".

"Peace begins with six simple words: I will accept the Jewish state, That's what will change history."

Referring to frequent Palestinian comments that Israel can “call itself whatever it wants,” Netanyahu stressed that the issue was not over what it calls itself, but rather over what it is.

“They can call their state Palestine or Arafatland, I’m not talking about what they call it; but what it is. For them, it is the nation state of the Palestinian people. Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people. This means that the Palestinians go there, and Jews come here.”
"It's easier than a Nike commercial, they say: 'Just Do it', I say: 'Just Say it', accept the Jewish State of Israel, and lets make peace once and for all".