Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"People Should Get To Know Pres Obama The Way I've Gotten To Know Him'

"Looks like it takes a second term as president and a 3rd term as Prime minister to get things fixed," Prime Minister Netanyahu candidly ended the press conference with President Obama, after a full 3 hour meeting at the PM's residence ion Jerusalem.

Netanyahu and Obama looked like BFF. They complimented, embraced and listened to each other. The tone changes the music. We mnay be experiencing with our own eyes the unfolding of a new intimate relationship between Netanyahu and Obama. The statements at the press conference couldn't of been more embracing to each other. Netanyahu referred to Obama as the most Pro-Israel president, while Obama touched Netanyahu by mentioning his brother Yoni, wife Sarah and referring to him as 'Bibi.'

Obama vowed not to allow Iran to achieve nuclear capability. “A nuclear armed Iran would be a threat to the region, a threat to the world and potentially an existential threat to Israel,” Obama said. “Our policy is to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon.”

"We prefer to resolve this diplomatically, and there's still time to do so," he continued. "Iran's leaders must understand, however, that they must meet their international obligations."

"There is not a lot of daylight between our countries' assessments in terms of where Iran is right now," Obama added.

Obama also conceded he screwed up in his first term on the peace process. "I hope I am a better president now than when I came into office," he said.

"Today the essence of the state of Israel is the fulfillment of the age old dream of the Jewish people to be masters of our faith. This is the essence of the state, this is how I know that you appreciate we can not cede our right to defend ourselves even though you are our greatest friend and Israel has no greater friend that US," Netanyahu said in his opening remarks.

Netanyahu also went out of his way to defy the skeptics about his commitment to peace. “Let me be clear, Israel remains fully committed to peace and the solution of two states for two peoples,” he said. 

Netanayhu praised Obama for reiterating Israel’s right to self-defense. "The President [Obama] has affirmed more than any other President, Israel's right and duty to defend itself by itself.," he said.

"I’m absolutely convinced that the President is determined to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. I appreciate that," Bibi said of of the President.  "And I appreciate the fact that the President has reaffirmed, more than any other president, Israel’s right and duty to defend itself by itself against any threat... the President I think is the first to do so, is that Israel has a right to independently defend itself against any threat, including the Iranian threat," he added.

The punch line was when Netanyahu was asked why Israeli have not embraced President Obama as they have the past two US Presidents. "I think people should get to know President Obama the way I've gotten to know him."