Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Obama Jokes About Bibi's Obsessive Red-Lines In Off-The-Cuff Conversation.

As he arrived in Israel, Obama was told to "follow the red lines" - coordinator referring to the red lines in which Obama and Netanyahu had walk across to the Iron Dome Battery, following at the welcome ceremony at Ben Gurion airport. "Bibi is always talking about red lines," Obama joked. "This is all a psychological ploy." he added. in which Bibi responded: "It was minutely planned."

Obama was also somewhat candid about the first lady, Michelle Obama. "My wife, Michelle, teases me mercilessly. She says whenever she travels with me it's embarrassing." 

In the video footage, Bibi is also seen shyly following Obama in removing his jacket, while walking over to the iron dome battery that was placed at the airport.