Monday, March 4, 2013

Poll: 39% Of American Voters Say Obama Not Supportive Enough of Israel

Ahead of President Obama's highly anticipated visit to Israel this month, a new poll conducted by The Hill show a majority of American voters are not convinced that the president is supportive enough of Israel, and that he needs to do more to prove he's pro Israel in general.

Just 13 percent of U.S. likely voters think the Obama administration's policy towards Israel is too supportive, while a fully 39% of voters say the administration is not supportive enough of Israel, according to the poll conducted by the Public Opinion Research firm for The Hill blog. 34% say it's about right.

Generally speaking, 30% are convinced that President Obama is anti-Israel, while only 30% say he's pro-Israel. 29% give him a lukewarm grade. Interestingly enough, 37% of voters age 18-39 believe President Obama is pro Israel.