Monday, March 4, 2013

In Satellite Speech, Bibi Admits Shellacking by Bennett/Lapid

PM Netanyahu could of used a forceful speech before the 13,000 attendees at the annual AIPAC convention in DC to boost his standing among the Israeli public. Nothing is equivalent to a rousing crowd applauding every word coming out of your mouth, especially when reiterating Israel's right to defend itself by herself is best when given in English on US soil.

Unfortunately, Netanyahu could not attend this year's conference due to the stalemate in forming a stable coalition at his will. Instead, Netanyahu appeared on satellite, following a well received speech by Vice President Joe Biden.

“I was hoping to speak to you in person, but unfortunately, I had to stay in Israel to do something a lot more enjoyable – putting together a coalition government. What fun! "Netanyahu sarcastically apologized. “It’s a lot easier finding common ground between two parties than it is to find common ground among ten parties,” said the Prime Minister. "You think you have a difficulty working out your politics, believe me, this is harder."

"If I can offer a free piece of advice — Don’t adopt Israel’s system of government," he added. "Despite the difficulties, I intend to form a strong and stable government in the days ahead."

Turning to the issues on the agenda, Netanyahu said he is looking forward to welcoming President Barack Obama and that the two leaders have agreed to talk on three issues:

"First, Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons; Second, the deteriorating situation in Syria; And third, the need to find a responsible way to advance the peace with the Palestinians."

When invited by former President, Lee Rosenberg to attend next year's conference, Netanyahu agreed to accept the invitation before adding a line of his own: "This year in Jerusalem. Next year in Washington."