Monday, November 14, 2011

Vice President Joe Biden: "America's bond with Israel is unbreakable."

(via Detroit news and YWN).Vice President Joe Biden stressed President Barack Obama's commitment to Israel and the continued support of the U.S. during a fund-raiser Sunday in Detroit.

"America's bond with Israel is unbreakable," Biden told the crowd at the Yeshiva beth Yehuda dinner, gathered at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center.

Read full transcript here:
"American support for Israel is not just an act of friendship; it’s an act of fundamental national self-interest on the part of the United States, a key component of our broader efforts to secure this region and the wider world as well as secure our own security. President Obama feels exactly the same way."

"When we came to office, when it came to standing up for Israel’s security both in terms of the threat it faces and countering those who seek to delegitimize Israel.."

"In spite of our own tough economic times — the President with the help of the Congress has secured $3 billion in annual assistance for Israel, the most ever."

"On top of that, the President asked for an additional $205 million to help Israel produce what is referred to as the Iron Dome, the short range rocket defense system that has intercepted dozens of rockets along the Gaza border, rockets that could have struck hospitals, schools, or homes. And it is now being installed along the Lebanese border."

It’s not just the technology, but the human relationships that will ensure Israel’s qualitative military edge. Since taking office, we’ve launched the most comprehensive and meaningful strategic and operational consultations across all levels of our government, unprecedented in their scope, frequency and character.

The President is also keenly aware of the existential threat that Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons could and would pose to Israel. It would also be, I might add, a direct and serious threat to the United States. That’s why President Obama is absolutely determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, period..."

"Even as we remain vigilant to any and all threats to Israel’s security, we will have tactical disagreements over policy. But none of these disagreements go to the heart of our relationship. They never have. And we will never allow it to occur."

"With the United States, past Presidents and this President know, that Israel has nowhere else to go. That’s why we have done more than any administration on the security front with Israel because we know it has nowhere else to go. To make sure that Israel can stay exactly where she is — a Jewish state, secure and free. And that is why the bond between America and Israel is absolutely unshakeable.

So, ladies and gentlemen, as my dear grandfather used to say every time I walked out his door, he’d say, Joey, keep the faith. Ladies and gentlemen, keep the faith. I commit to you, as a supporter of Israel for 40 years, I guarantee you we will stand with Israel because we know she has nowhere else to go. And we want her to stay right where she is."