Saturday, November 19, 2011

U.S. Ambassador Shapiro:"All options on the table" on Iran

In an interview on Channel 2 program "Meet the Press," U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro refused to comment on whether his country has set an ultimatum to Tehran, but says that "all options are on the table." Shapiro also said that the United States goal is to prevent the Iranians to develop nuclear weapons and that they intend to intensify the sanctions against them.

"Our effort are very coordinated, and the goal is to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, We worked with Israel and many other countries in the international community to consolidate the full range of the harshest formulated sanctions ever against Iran. The totality of thees sanctions had a real impact, and it was accompanied by other sanctions by the United States and other countries, and has affected the Iran's economy, its energy sector, its transport industry and its banking industry ".

The IAEA report is very determined and demonstrates that Iran was not obvious to its commitment given to the international community, and there are serious concerns that its nuclear program and that its possible military implications. It lays the groundwork for additional sanctions and other pressures, we will formulate with more partners in Israel and other states. Now we focus on the sanctions option. "Asked whether Israel will notify the U.S. of an attack on Iran, the ambassador said that" we are working in full coordination with Israel and this strategy ".

Later in the interview, Shapiro was asked about the hot mic incident and the overheard comments President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy had about Netanyahu: "I was not there and I do not intend to take the discussion in private," he stressed. "I can tell you that President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have a good working relationship. I think that happens there are disagreements between friends. Along with this we have many common interests, we do not agree on everything that's natural. "

As for the repeated requests Israel to free Jonathan Pollard, Shapiro said that he could not say much. "Pollard is serving the prison sentence imposed on him for the crime of felony committed", Proceedings of the ambassador.