Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Glenn Beck receives first ZOA 'Defender of Israel Award' - "I speak the Truth".

(Israelhayom).Glenn Beck, American journalistic figure and die-hard conservative, received the first Zionist Organization of America's "Defender of Israel Award" on Sunday. At the event, Beck was asked if the award signified a future political move, to which Beck responded, "On Dec, 8, I will announce where I am heading."

The award is sponsored by American philanthropists and business magnates Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson. Presenting the award, Sheldon Adelson said of Beck, "He is a man of courage and determination, who is devoting his life to battle evil. I have never met a Christian-Zionist like Beck. There is no greater supporter of Israel in the media."

Beck, in his acceptance speech, said:
"I am a proud Zionist and an obvious defender of Israel. I speak the truth and have been awarded the Defender of Israel Award, which only reveals the kind of trouble we are in." 
"The current U.S. government is not a friend of Israel."
Beck strongly hinted of political aspirations as he wrapped up his speech.
"There is a vacuum [in American politics] that I intend to fill. I am not asking you to join me. I would rather join you."
Watch Netanyahu praising Beck's outstanding support for Israel