Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Herman Cain: It’s not ‘Practical’ to attack Iran because it has mountains

(Via Think Progress).In the same interview that he made the Libya flub, Herman Cain made this statement that attacking Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons wouldn’t be “practical” — but not for the reasons you might think:
JOURNAL SENTINEL: Would you favor a military strike against Iran to stop that country from developing a nuclear capability?

CAIN: That is not a practical, top-tier alternative and here’s why. If you look at the topography of Iran. Where are you going to strike? It’s very mountainous. That’s what makes it very difficult. Secondly, that would be a decision that would need to be coordinated and discussed with our friends in that part of the world like Israel. But for the United States to unilaterally go in and attack Iran to try and stop them, I would want to consult with the intelligence community, the commanders on the ground in that part of the world, which I have stated before. But we should — I don’t have all the information necessary to make that decision...."