Monday, November 7, 2011

#JFNAGA Day 2 #2 - Live Blog: Ido Aharoni: Changing the image of Israel

In a a sideline speech at the GA feathering "changing the conversation" on Israel, NY consul Ido Aharoni, made the case for social media - empower new advocates, expand networks, targeted communications.

via @BurtonJMand @mozgovaya:

"If you put a human face on Israel, people will relate to it much better. Innovation, inspiration; not just struggle to survive..."

"It's not about winning the debate, it's about building relationships with groups that will benefit both sides"

"people respond to narrative over argument, inspiration over the familiar."

"Every youth programs participant posts hundreds of pictures online of the real Israel. It's a powerful message."

"Israel's brand problem: our biggest obstacle: people think they know everything about Israel, we need too change that"

"We are doing not bad - Number 15 in Human Development Index, in 2010 record number of tourists 3.7 million".

"Tel-Aviv's competition shouldn't be Ramallah, but Barcelona. It's important to be right about important also to be attractive"