Monday, November 14, 2011

Congressman Bob Turner praises Obama for leaving room of military action against Iran

(PolitickerNY).Republican Congressman Bob Turner rarely has nice things to say about the current administration, but today, he released a statement commending President Obama for leaving room for the possibility of taking military action against Iran if they obtain a nuclear weapons.

President Obama’s tough talk on Iran came at a news conference following an Asia-Pacific economic summit today.

“We are not taking any options off the table. Iran with nuclear weapons would pose a threat not only to the region but also to the United States,” President Obama said.

Congressman Turner praised the President for his willingness to potentially attack Iran.
“I commend President Obama for agreeing with what I and others in Congress have been saying all along. When dealing with the possibility of a nuclear Iran, all options must be left on the table...I urge the President to be aggressive.”

“Sworn enemies who have been outspoken about their discontent for America and our allies are less than a year away from developing a nuclear bomb. We must take advantage of any opportunities to work with the people of Iran who want freedom. We must make sure there is no option we will not consider when it comes to protecting our citizens."