Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Speaker Boehner: Israel is the one ally we have, year in, year out, day in, day out.

House Speaker John Boehner tells Newsmax TV that President Barack Obama should use more of the “tools” he has to pressure Iran on its nuclear program — and charges the administration with going “way over the line” in pressuring Israel.
“There’s no question that neither Israel, the United States nor any peace-loving people in the world want the Iranians to have nuclear weapons."

“I think this is of great concern. A lot of effort has gone into providing sanctions, from the Europeans and the United States and others, to try to steer them away from this."

“We passed the Iran sanctions bill last year, giving the president more tools to put pressure on the Iranians. He has the toolbox. It’s time for him to begin using more of those tools in order to put more pressure on the Iranians.”
Asked if the administration has been adequately supporting Israel, Boehner responds:
“I think the president could have been stronger in his support of Israel."

“I think they’ve put far too much pressure on the Israelis to come to an agreement with the Palestinians even though they’re supported by Hamas. I just think we’ve gone way over the line. Israel is our ally. They’ve been our friends for 60 years.

“When you look around that part of the world, it is the one ally we have, year in, year out, day in, day out. Frankly I think they should be treated better.”