Tuesday, November 15, 2011

President Peres: Israel expects the world leaders to furfill their promise on Iran

Speaking to CNN's Pierce Morgan on Monday, Peres said that he felt a military option was not the first option at hand to thwart Iran's race for a nuclear bomb, saying he "wouldn't suggest to start immediately with a military operation."
"I would rather prefer to see tighter economic sanctions, closer political pressure and what is lacking very much is an attack in the moral sense."

"Iran is a spoiled country. It is morally corrupt."

"They are the only country threatening to destroy another country, openly. They arrest the opposition, they shoot around, they spread arms, they encourage every center of terror all over the world."
Peres also rejected the notion that Israel would act alone against Iran's nuclear program, saying that "Israel will first of all see what the world is doing."
"We don't want to jump alone, we are part of the civilization of the family of internationally responsible countries and we expect that leaders that make a promise will fulfill it."

"It's a danger. And today terror is a global matter, very much like the economy. They can arrive, [like in] 9/11, to New York, they can arrive to Chechnya, they can arrive to Moscow. It's mobile and it's dangerous, So I don’t think we have to feel alone in that respect."