Tuesday, October 11, 2011


German New agency quotes an Egyptian official saying that Gilad Shalit has arrived in Cairo Tuesday evening

(http://www.youm7.com/News.asp?NewsID=510723&). In a special statement to the German news agency "D. B. A", an Egyptian security official was quoted saying that the Israeli captive soldier Gilad Shalit arrived to Cairo via the Rafah crossing on Tuesday evening, after the successful  negotiation process conducted by the Egyptian authorities with Hamas and Israel in an effort to pull out a swap deal. The source added that Gilad already arrived in Cairo to await the completion of the first part of the deal (the release of 450 prisoners), by early next week and then travel home to Tel Aviv from the Cairo international airport.

UPDATE: Hamas denies the German news agency report, saying that Shalit has not been handed over to Cairo, so far, noting that a large delegation of the  Hamas leadership led by Khaled Meshaal, due to arrive in Cairo on Wednesday, and it can not hand over the prisoner, prior to finalizing the deal and arrange the handover process..