Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy, Excited and Proud - Poll: 79% in favor of Shalit deal

Yedioth Ahronoth-Dahaf Institute survey shows Israelis are in favor of the deal securing the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit despite heavy price, are happy and excited ahead of its implementation but fear its consequences. Women more supportive of deal than men

Asked whether they were in favor of Shalit's release in exchange for 1,027 terrorists, 79% of the respondents said yes and only 14% said no.

Among male respondents, 74% support the deal and 19% oppose it, while 86% of the women support it and only 5% are against it.

As for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's conduct, 49% said he gave into public pressure while 43% believe he acted like a leader.

Asked about the deal's price, 53% said the Israeli government dropped some of its principles and 20% said Hamas conceded its principles more than Israel. Twenty percent said both sides gave up on some of their principles to a similar extent.

Respondents were then asked whether they fear for the security of Israel's citizens following the prisoner release. Fifty percent admitted that they were afraid, while 48% said they trusted Israel's security forces.

Finally, respondents were asked to describe their feelings towards the implementation of the Shalit deal. 44% said they were happy, 17% said they were excited, 15% said they felt proud, 14% were concerned, 5% felt humiliated and 3% were angry.