Tuesday, October 25, 2011

IDF reservists sign: Don’t Free Terrorists on our Behalf

Note: Aharon S. HaCohen a former IDF commander, serving in combat during the 2nd intifada (2000-2003) and current reservist told me on the Bibi Report radio show that hH is one of the reservists signing this following letter.

Listen to the entire informative interview (the start of the 2nd hour): The Bibi Report 10/25

(YWN).The Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal has prompted dozens of IDF soldiers to sign a statement instructing the state not to release any terrorists on their behalf in the event they are taken captive chas v’sholom.

The reserve duty personnel remain committed to their principles, and call on the state to never release terrorists ‘with blood on their hands’ towards obtaining their release from captivity, even if this means they will never return.

Spearheading the initiative is the ‘My Israel’ organization, and those soldiers who signed the document stress it is not to be viewed as a political move since they do not make reference to the recent Shalit deal, but the document is intended to be taken at face value as well as carrying the hope that it will renew the spirit upon which the state was founded over 60 years ago.

“We believe that the more reservists and compulsory duty soldiers who sign, the easier the situation will become for the decision makers in the future when they must enter into negotiations with terror organization”.
They are simply sending a message that “it does not pay to abduct soldiers”, trying to turn around the current reality as announced by Hamas.