Monday, October 31, 2011

Netanyahu: "I'm tough when it comes to Israel's security".

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the Knesset plenum at the opening ceremony of the winter session:
"Our security strategy cannot only rely on defense, but must have an offensive element maintains Israel's deterrence." 
"Since taking office I have instructed the IDF to systematically act against terror leaders… Heaven help anyone who harms us." 
"Two principles must guide us, One, 'If someone comes to kill, you rise up and kill him first.' And, 'He who harms us, his blood is on his own head.'"
"For 2,000 years our people could not sustain these two principles in order to defend themselves, but that reality changed with the reemergence of Israel and the founding of the IDF."
Netanyahu also addressed moribund talks with Palestinian Authority officials:
"In the Middle East peace is made with strong, not the weak. The stronger Israel is, the closer peace will be. We are prepared to compromise, but we are not prepared to compromise our security."
As for the criticism aimed at Netanyahu over his "tough stand" in the negotiations, the prime minister said:
"I'm not tough when it comes to peace – I'm tough when it comes to Israel's security and I'll continue to be so…".

"The United States stands with us in the struggle against the Palestinians," Netanyahu said, referring to US President Barack Obama's promised veto for the PA statehood bid at the United Nations.
"This is seen in our experience in the UN, and we appreciate it very much. I know there were those who doubted strength of our alliance based on shared values ​​and common goals. The United States sees great importance in helping maintain our agreements with Egypt and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan."
On Iran, Netanayhu said, "Iran Continues to pursue nuclear capabilities which constitutes a threat to Israel and the whole world."