Friday, May 20, 2011

WH Press secretary: Bibi wasn't mad at Obama

(Politico44).Obama's meeting with Netanyahu on Friday was 'productive and constructive,' press secretary Jay Carneysaid in Friday's White House briefing:

-- Carney criticized reporters who he said wrote inaccurately about President Obama's Mideast speech in which he called for a Palestinian state to be based off Israel's pre-1967 borders. He cited a "crazy mischaracterization" of Obama's position and stressed that a new country should be "based" off the old boundaries.

-- Obama's meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday was "productive and constructive," Carney said, noting that they talked for 96 minutes -- more than twice the time expected. He said that "a lot was accomplished."

-- Challenging a reporter's description of Netanyahu as angry over Obama's proposal, Carney said Bibi wasn't upset. "I'm not sure that I accept that he was mad," he said. "I think the prime minister made very clear ... that they don't agree on every issue."