Friday, May 13, 2011

Jacob Kornbluh/ Bibi, WTF - Write The Future

Benjamin Netanyahu's US speech next week raises speculations, some are awaiting Netanyahu to utter the magic number 1967 or offer some immediate plan. Others suggest Netanyahu to stand up and give a spirited presentation, to be defensive about Israeli policy ‘vis a vis’ the Palestinians, and state clearly what gestures Israel has made over the years in regards to its attempts to negotiate a fair solution. A select populace believes he will not announce Israeli concessions nor declare a withdrawal from West Bank territories, but will present conditions to reignite peace talks with an Abbas-led Palestinian Authority.

Whose advice is Netanyahu taking? And what is the right path Netanyahu should take?

Hillel the Elder says: If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
If I am not for others, what am I?
And if not now, when?
One aspect of most importance will be Netanyahu's ability to present his guidelines and the end game for the peace process. Currently, it seems there is no partner for peace. Our focus for the future is determine by what will Israel look like if there is a PM that will not stand firm on some issues as we hope for.

What if a leader comes to an agreement, but fails to pass it through in referendum because he lacks public support? Yes Netanyahu is an ideologue… But as described he is a patriot, committed to Israel's future, and has the public support. He thus far is one of the few Prime ministers that can gather support from left, right and center…

Over a year ago in a interview to Jennifer Hanin on Feb 2010 I made these claims:
“Jacob believes Netanyahu is the best advocate to bring a viable peace agreement that the majority of Israeli citizens will accept. Jacob cites the most recent example of freezing settlement construction as an unprecedented move and the best example at the PM’s willingness to make peace. Netanyahu froze settlement construction in all settlements even in the largest settlement blocs that will undoubtedly be part of Israel in any peace agreement. Previously, PM Sharon, U.S. President George W. Bush and even PA president Abbas accepted peace in talks with Israeli PM Ehud Olmert. But while other leaders failed in championing peace despite their intensive talks with the PA, Netanyahu’s plan starts from the bottom up. Proof of his success? Try Netanyahu’s economic peace plan that is working in the West Bank….”

“Jacob is convinced that Netanyahu is serious as he recounts what Netanyahu recently said to European ambassadors over lunch: “Test me.” [Soft Break][Soft Break]”Netanyahu is referring to the fact that he will surprise the PA if they negotiate with him. He is willing to make concessions but they must too. Jacob reiterates that the majority of Israel will accept an agreement that Netanyahu achieves between Israel and the PA just as the Israeli people have supported the PM’s recent moves that received cabinet approval..”
I watched a lot of speeches by Netanyahu in his first term as PM , he kept on demanding the PA to HONOR agreements and stand by their commitments. Since then, most reports highlight that Israel must reach a solution to end the conflict. We have yet to reach that point of speaking about the day after. Look at Egypt 30 years after the camp David peace treaty settlement, would u now suggest what Menachem began was worse off, than signing a peace agreement with Saddat? TO answer, No! Primarily because unto this very day the peace treaty his been honored, and the Egyptians know what price they are going to pay should they drop the peace treaty or engage in war with Israel.

Netanyahu believes that to ensure Israel's future, the Palestinians must recognize it as a Jewish state and agree to a de-militarized Palestine. Netanyahu believes that to ensure Israel's future, Israel must control security in the Jordan Valley. Netanyahu believes that to ensure Israel's future, Israel must include the large settlement blocs.

Netanyahu believes that creative solutions must be found for the settlers, the holy places and Jerusalem. Netanyahu believes that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be brought to an end without dealing with the regional and strategic challenges threatening the West and Israel.

Some suggest, that Netanyahu should comment about the instability in the Arab world with autocratic governments falling, jeopardizing the continuation of long established peace treaties with Israel. He could bring up the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in many Arab countries with its commitment to jihadism and its deeply rooted ideology to liberate all land presently occupied by the Zionist regime. He could articulate that contrary to the opinion of some pundits with their self- serving agendas, the recent events in the Middle East make it crystal clear that the Palestinian issue does not lie at the root of Middle East turmoil. Rather the issue began long before with major powers lacking proper strategy ad communication skills.

Yes all these are our concerns, and our doubts in the Palestinians capability to honor a peace treaty grow day by day… month by month…. year by year.

Taking all this is consideration, Netanyahu has no choice but to comply with the changing environment and the lack of confidence in his policies. He must present a blue print, a framework, saying this is what I propose, in the event that the Palestinian government returns to the negotiation table. When Iran is dismantled from its influence in the region and its capabilities to build nuclear is destroyed, should the peace plan contain Israel’s security measures, to that I dictate “here is my 2 state solution; here is my number, call me when you are ready.”

While im not suggesting any informative plan on my behalf, the plan presented must include everything that Israel is willing to give in exchange for a comprehensive peace settlement,

Netanyahu it sums up to 3 letters - WTF: Write the future, rather than read the arguments of the past, this is ur task not only to foresee the future but enable it to happen.

There is quote:
“When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.”
With our support, you can make it happen.