Thursday, May 26, 2011

Michele Bachmann: Obama speaks for himself on Border issue and not for the American people

(Newsmax). President Barack Obamas policies are depriving the nation of a golden future, says Rep. Michele Bachmann, potential GOP presidential candidate. The Minnesota Republican also told Newsmax.TV in a video interview that no president has done more to betray the state of Israel than Obama in his call for a return to 1967 borders

Referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress on Tuesday, Bachmann tells Newsmax: “He was phenomenal. He was clear. He eloquently stated Israel’s position and he stated the problems in the Middle East.
“The best line that summed up what Netanyahu said was this: Israel isn’t what’s wrong with the Middle East, Israel is what is right with the Middle East.

“Israel wants to have a peaceful solution but if Israel would do what President Obama has called for – giving up yet more land and reducing their borders to the 1967 borders — there wouldn’t be peace, there would be all-out war against the Jewish state.

“The Prime Minister rightly said Israel recognizes that Palestinians should have a state, but they need to recognize that the Jewish state of Israel has a right to exist.”

Bachmann called Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, “al-Qaida in Palestine.”
“We cannot expect Israel to negotiate with the al-Qaida version in Palestine. I think the prime minister was clear on that.

“President Obama stands alone in his [call] to put Israel in a position of indefensible borders.”

Bachmann said there’s “no question” that President Obama aided the forces trying to undermine the legitimacy of Israel.
“President Obama is the leader of the Free World and he’s also supposed to be Israel’s friend".

“From the time that Harry Truman recognized Israel as a sovereign state 11 minutes after Israel declared its independence until today, no president has done more to betray the State of Israel. It’s shocking and outrageous, the statement that President Obama said last Thursday".

“One would think the President would have had the backing and support of his own party, but it was interesting that even Senator Harry Reid will not stand with the president on the border issue".

“The president has sent a signal to let the thugs of the world think that they can have a heyday with Israel, and that is not the view of the people that I represent, nor of the people that I speak to all across America, nor my colleagues in the House, nor my colleagues in the United States Senate. President Obama speaks for himself on this issue and not for the American people.”