Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maagar Mohot Poll: 45% say President Obama post Bin Laden, should not take a harder position on Netanyahu

(via IMRA). The survey conducted by Maagar - Interdisciplinary Research and Consulting Institute Ltd., managed by Professor Yitzhak Katz, was commissioned by The Orly & Guy Morning Program - Channel 10 TV and conducted by telephone on 3.5.11 at various times of the day among a random sample of 476 respondents, constituting a representative sample of Israel's adult population (aged 18 and over - including Israeli Arabs).

The survey Findings:

1. In your opinion, following the elimination of terrorist Osama bin Laden, should President Barack Obama not harden his positions against Benjamin Netanyahu, on the end of Israeli - Palestinian conflict?
45% -  No need to harden positions
29% - A Stronger Obama should harden positions
26% - don't know

2. Should Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu go today towards the direction of the President and the American administration, on the end of Israeli - Palestinian conflict?
41%- Netanyahu must meet their expectations. need to go to meet them
36% - No need of meeting Us policies in contrast to Israel's position

3. Has the elimination of terrorist Osama bin Laden improved, hurt, or did not change your sense of personal security products?
19% - Hurt sense of security
44% -. Did not change the sense of security 44%
16% - Improved sense of security

4. Who do you think most suitable to serve as prime minister today: Benjamin Netanyahu, Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak or Lieberman?
1. Benjamin Netanyahu 38%
2. Tzipi Livni 25%
3. Avigdor Lieberman 10%
4. Ehud Barak 6%
5. Other answers did not know 21%