Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Americans stand with Israel : "Ich bin ein Israeli"

(Russ Vaughn_AmericanThinker).He came, he saw, he conquered. Bibi Netanyahu took America by storm this week. This charismatic, articulate spokesman for the Jewish people and for their Israeli homeland, seized every media opportunity to demonstrate that he is the world leader in command of the issues and the situations involving Israel and her antagonists. Watching him on various media venues, I became convinced of two things: Netanyahu is a better American than many Americans, more knowledgeable of our democratic underpinnings than many of our fellow citizens; secondly, he is a leader who will reestablish the term Churchillian in coming events.

There's an email circulating right now with a photo of Bibi in his youth, dressed out in the uniform of an Israeli paratrooper juxtaposed with a picture of a young Obama of approximately the same age, laid back, cool and toking. One young man is suiting up to face death, defending his vulnerable country while the other is laid back and soaking up the many benefits afforded him by a languid, guilty society. To this old paratrooper those two pictures speak volumes about the basics of leadership and character. It is there in the one picture while the other forecasts what now passes so lamely for leadership in America.

To reinforce my admitted prejudice, our president attempts to manipulate the media to make himself look good to the Muslim world by calling for Israel to surrender territories earned by blood and toil, then backpedals shamelessly in the face of world resistance to his too-easy willingness to appease his Muslim brothers. More tellingly, he backtracks in the face of losing millions of dollars in campaign donations from prominent American Jews. What profound character, what principled beliefs, eh?

I watch, I witness and I take my stand. I, a non-Jew, will stand with Israel. If my president insists on his present course then I will support any and every move to unseat him including impeachment. As Bibi so eloquently stated, Israel is the eastern democratic arm of America in the midst of all that Middle Eastern tyranny. Simply put, Bibi is right and Obama is dead wrong. One has a grasp of geopolitical realities and assumes the responsibilities inherent in guiding and guarding his vulnerable state; the other blithely and narcistically campaigns for re-election. The distinction could not be more stark. After the events of this week, I truly believe that many millions of Americans will join me in paraphrasing John Kennedy:

Ich bin ein Israeli.